Healing, to find more ease and joy in life

Healing, to find more ease and joy in life

Through healing, you may finally:

  • feel better emotionally, more stable and at ease
  • know and appreciate yourself better, feel alive
  • develop fulfilling relationships and feel connected
  • live a fuller life, doing what brings you joy

To facilitate your healing, I bring my calm, patience, compassion and curiosity to create a therapeutic space where you can safely explore while feeling seen, heard and accepted. I follow your pace and your lead. I guide you through invitations - you decide when and what is right for you.

My therapeutic approach is based on mindfulness & somatic awareness, and is informed by attachment theories and neuroscience. I am integrating several types of therapy in addition to traditional talk therapy, to stay attuned to you and fit your unique needs. Among these therapies are Internal Family Systems (IFS), Brainspotting, and Applied Polyvagal Theory.

I invite you to embark on a transformative journey with me at Healing Heartspace.

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