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Internal Family Systems

IFS presents a unique and profound way of understanding the complexity of the human mind. Imagine your mind as a system with different parts holding various aspects of yourself. For example you may have a part that is self-critical and another one that gets angry. In IFS, parts are understood as protective strategies that helped you survive stress, trauma or grief.

IFS therapy helps you understand your inner parts and their positive intentions, befriend them through curiosity and compassion, and help them unburden, heal and evolve. You learn to create space and safety for your parts and offer them the support and care that they did not get in the past, building secure attachment, collaboration and integration within the whole system.

Applied Polyvagal Theory

According to the Polyvagal framework, we constantly scan our internal and external environments for cues of safety and threat through an automatic and unconscious process called neuroception. Based on this moment-to-moment assessment, our bodies then either relax into states of connection or are triggered into states of defense such as fighting, fleeing, or shutting down. Our autonomic response then influences what we see, what we hear, and how we act in the world.

The Applied Polyvagal Theory helps us map our autonomic responses and find ways to come out of reactive defensive states into a state of inner safety and connection, where we are present and socially engaged.


Brainspotting is using the following natural phenomenon: “where we look affects how we feel”, meaning that depending on where we look, we may feel more calm or more distressed while thinking of something that is bothering us. Thus, in Brainspotting therapy, we may hold our gaze at a spot (called Brainspot) to help processing more deeply, accessing information stored in the mid-brain and the nervous system, and enabling the brain and body’s natural healing and regulating abilities.

Safe and Sound Protocol

The SSP is a non-invasive acoustic vagal nerve stimulator that helps you connect with yourself, others, and the world around you from a foundation of physiological safety. The music of the Safe and Sound Protocol has been filtered through a patented, evidence-based algorithm that highlights specific sound frequencies that help regulate the autonomic nervous system.

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